Sunday, January 2, 2011

The more you know, The less you need. A new years goal.

The title of this blog is one of my favorite quotes.

I recently offered to teach a fairly large group a couple of basic things to help them become more prepared and one of the topics was a BOB, or bug out bag.

I discovered after looking at my own though, I would not be able to use it as the example for the class.

My bob contained many things that made it more of an infinite amount of time survival bag, rather than a 3 or 4 day "just barley keep alive" bag. however, the user of the bag had to have a fairly extensive resume of survival skills. Let me explane.

Most BOB's will have a lighter or water proof matches, or something similar, something that will run out rather quickly. Mine had a spark rod, one that would last 80,000 strikes. For me, that's probably 40,000 fires, and if I got a bit more proficient, could be used for up to 60,000.

Instead of a water bottle or two or three, I have a water filter.

Instead of a collection of energy bars, granola, and dehydrated fruit, I had 4 fish hooks and line, some paracord to be broken down and used as snare wire, and a little fold up reminder sheet of edible plants.

No tent for me, Just a small tarp weighing a couple ounces.

You can see that I can accomplish the same things anyone else can, but for a near infinite amount of time at a fraction of the weight and volume.

My knowledge has allowed me to be fruitful without as much gear.

Just the need to carry 3 days of water, which weights in at over 8 pounds a gallon, can add many pounds to a BOB. the same goes for food, and tent.

So, This year it is my goal to become more proficient with knots. I have a basic collection I improvise for situations, but I have found that even just doubling the knots I know, would benefit me far greater than adding double the amount of paracord in the BOB to mitigate when I waste it trying to use a knot that is not correct for the situation.

This is the website I will be doing most of my work on. It has a play by play for each knot and makes it very easy.

Knot website

I hope you guys will also work on some survival skills, because even if you have a year supply of food, it will mean nothing if you get separated from it. The same goes for water, shelter, and many other things that make survival much more effective.

Happy New Years!

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