Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Medium Term Storage recipe to Stock Up On!

Along with advocating the normal staple items in anyone's food storage, I like to advocate fun, good tasting, comfort food/dessert type items, that can help with the stress, lack of comfort, and over all tenseness of a situation whether that be hurricane, snow storm, or a major catastrophe, like we saw with Katrina.

This is something I thought about last week and got around to semi-testing the idea.


  • Dehydrated Bananas 10+ years shelf life
  • Powdered Milk 30 year shelf life
  • Dry Pudding Mix In Box: 3 year, in mylar or vac sealed: Much more is my bet.
  • Vanilla Wafers 3 year vac sealed
  • Water

Step 1: Make pudding. Mix 2 cups milk (the dry powdered is the kind I used) with the pudding mix.

Step 2: At the same time, get your bananas started reconstituting. Simmer in hot water 15 minutes or till you like them. They come out mushy, great for pudding or bread.

Mix Mix Mix the pudding and milk.

This is my milk, although don't follow my bad example of keeping it in zip locks, get something more legit.

You can see how easy this is...

Banana pudding is easy to make, however you like, I layered wafers, pudding, more wafers, then banana and pudding mixed as the top layer.
Bananas simmering....still some time to go.
All done, they look gross, but are tasty i the pudding.
Mix in a second batch of pudding, to create that top layer I was talking about.
Add the top layer to the others, and you're good to go!

No reason this cant be packaged up and kept long term(ish). I'll make another post for when I get around to packaging it some cute way for the girly friends family or something :)

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