Monday, November 29, 2010

The most basic thing to pressure can, Asparagus!

Today for a quick how to, we will be doing asparagus. I only had one quart worth of produce which is rarely worth my time, but as it tuned out I only had one canning jar left as well so I figured I'd do it for the sake of a learning experience.

Step 1: Get some water boiling, do the next steps as you wait.

Step 2: Wash or rinse produce.

Step 3: Cut to length to fit in jar. As a whole the stalks were an inch or two too long, so I cut the bottoms off and threw them in the canning jar.

Step 4: Fill the jars with the water once it gets boiling.

Step 5: Place in pressure canner with 10 pounds of pressure and start the clock once the weight starts rocking (The pressure will blow steam out of the nipple of the lid, causing the weight to rock, this is how you know to start the timer).

Timer 25 minutes

While you wait grab a snack, or dinner.

Step 6: Complete. Once the timer goes off, turn the heat off, wait for the pressure caner to settle and cool, then you will have your finished product.

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