Sunday, November 21, 2010

What are you cooking on?

I sometimes get scrutinized by family for doing things that appear to be useless or unnecessary. When I was living with my dad, coming home with 3 pick up truck loads of wood was one of these times.

I filled our small shed to try to keep the appearance of our yard clean and tidy, but he still did not understand the need for wood. He thought it was one of my crazy endeavors that served no purpose.

The real reason is that I happen to have 200 Lbs+of each of the following. Rice, Wheat, Oats, Pasta, Potato Flakes, Corn, etc.

When things get bad, I don't plan on being able to use my stove. My grill has half a container of propane, and that will go very quickly. I have maybe 2 Lbs of charcoal briquettes laying around, and you all know how many meals that will cook me....

So my question is, are you like I was, and still currently am to a degree, stock piling food that will need to be cooked but overlooking what you will be cooking on? This was a mistake I had made for along time. Luckily CraigsList is a huge resource for free wood, and I was able to get a small start on a major problem that could have been.

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