Sunday, December 12, 2010

Don't look

The subject I am bringing up today is one of the most important subjects I think I could conjure up.

You can't usually see pesticide on your produce, nor preservatives in your food. But I've found a way. The adage "out of sight, out of mind" rings true in this subject.

Both of these are dehydrated apples, both underwent the same process once I got them, both stayed on the dehydrator the same period of time, both were very fresh, nothing was done differently, once I got hold of these apples. But what they went through Before I got them, makes all the difference.

The apples on the left are from a company that pre-slices apples, dunks them in preservatives, and packages them for little kids snacks. This is the company I speak of, proclaiming "Healthy Snack" on their label.

The apples on the right side of that first picture are slices from a fresh apple. I sliced myself. I will note neither of these apples were dunked in lemon juice or any solution to prevent browning of the flesh. The Disney apples turned brownish/black, while the fresh un-tampered with apple, stayed a healthy color.

Here is a picture of the dehydrating tray.

You can easily see the difference between the pre-sliced preservative filled crap, and the fresh apples.

This is a picture of a tray of just the pre-sliced apples before the dehydrating. You can see that there is no visual difference, no nasty sightly warning of danger.

Try for yourself if you wish. The adage of "out of sight, out of mind" will no longer hold true in my house. If the simple process of removing moisture from the apples turns them black, I would hate to see what is happening in your body with this chemical junk.

I find this repulsive. I hope for the safety of any one reading this blog, you will too.

I am going to send the link to this blog to the web address on the package of their fruit. I ask that you will do the same.

(Bottom left hand side of page "Contact us")

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