Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthday Bash

For the birthday of the youngest brother of the wifey, we got a BB gun. Its a fairly nice one, breaks in half at the barrel to load a single pellet or BB at a time. It claims to shoot 1,000 FPS, and I have no reason to object to that claim.

Its been a good way to wean the brother off the video games, and so far we all seem to be enjoying it. It's just equipped with fiber optic "iron sights" and we have shot from 15 steps/paces away, and 25.

We have shot from ever position imaginable by now, everything from standing to prone to some homemade rather funny ways.

From 15 paces I can get 85% of the pellets through the red bulls eye about 3/4" in diameter.

This has been a great gift for a young teen, and myself alike, though I am only in my early 20's and still get excited as though I were still an early teen sometimes.

Per the comment from Jim:

The model is the Crosman Phantom from wal mart. I have mixed reviews, especially for squirrel hunting. It is accurate enough to hit the squirrels, one of the kids went hunting and shot a squirrel, twice, but it did not die, and escaped, which is not only sad, but fails to do its intended duty.

We used the cheapest pellets available, and with the correct "hunting pellets" we might have had different results.

I can say, I have heard some amazing reviews on 3 others, although I have no personal 1 on 1 time with any of the following.

Crossman 2100
Crossman 1377C
The Chinese made QB-57

Ever since last week seeing the Phantom, I have been saving up for one myself, so I will be doing more research on the 3 listed above. If I make a decision, I'll make a blog about it asap.

Hope this helps Jim!


  1. Hi there, Jim from homestead-hearth, dont suppose we could get some pictures of the new bb rifle and perhaps a make a model? I am looking at getting one for small game like squirrels. I have always used a .22 but with the new air rifles that are out they could easily replace a .22 for in the woods hunting squirrel.

  2. It's been years since this post was made but I do have some follow up. Last Fall my corn crop was eaten by squirrel so I set out to get my calories from them instead of the delicious veggie, or grain....uh, whatever.

    I shot 6 squirrel in about 2 weeks of evening time hunting. 4 dropped dead immediately, 1 took a second shot to kill it, and one fell from the tree branch and then disappeared. It was dark outside so I might have overlooked it, but by the time the morning rolled around if it had been on the ground something ran off with it.

    Overall I think if I would have better placed the one shot I could have been 6 for 6, that's certainly adequate.